I Series Collection Infrared Sauna

This I Series collection infrared sauna adopts the Canadian hemlock or red cedar which has high wood density, delicate wood grain, good texture as well as excellent resistance against humidity and corrosion. Especially, the red cedar can give out faint fragrance. Furthermore, the original wood grain is well preserved in the finished product. The window and gate are both made of tempered glass either in clear or brown color. Our I Series collection infrared sauna comes with elegant internal design which is a good demonstration of personal taste. Due to the modern design, it is suitable to various decoration styles. This product can be optionally placed in your bedroom or bathroom. Additionally, it is available in 5 models which differentiate from one another in size, power and capacity.

Technical Specifications
Model Picture Details
I1I Series Collection Infrared SaunaDimension: 93(L) ×107(W) ×194(H)cm
Capacity: 1 person
Power: 1450W
Heater: ceramic or carbon fiber
Wood: Canadian hemlock or red cedar
Time Range : 90 min
Maximum Temperature: 66℃
Temperature and Time: adjustable
Gate: tempered glass
Music: CD or Mp3 with radio
Glass Color: clear or brown
Color Therapy Light: optional
Backrest: optional
Oxygen Ionizer: optional
Magazine Rack: optional
Handle Shape: optional
Package: master carton
I2 Dimension: 123(L) × 137(W) ×194(H) cm
Capacity: 2 persons
Power: 1700W
Beverage Rack: optional
I3Dimension: 158(L) ×137(W) ×194(H) cm
Capacity: 3 persons
Power: 2000W
Beverage Rack: optional
I4 Dimension: 178(L) × 137(W) ×194(H) cm
Capacity: 4 persons
Power: 2300W
Beverage Rack: optional
I5 Dimension: 168(L) × 168(W) ×194(H) cm
Capacity: 3-4 persons
Power: 2175W
Beverage Rack: optional

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