Infrared Heater

Infrared Heater

The K2 infrared heater is made up of 1 quartz element and 2 MICA heating elements as well as a wooden cabinet which is in dark oak, light oak or walnut color. In addition, it is also fitted with the AC cross flow fan, electronic thermostat, caster wheels, washable filter as well as a rear On/Off switch. The control panel is composed of the plastic cover and raised buttons.

1. The temperature, time as well as High/Low power allow to be controlled via the push button and IR remote control. Either the control panel or the remote control has the UP/DOWN function. What's more, the remote control also comes with the bigger and raised buttons.
2. The LED is employed to display the temperature. When there is something wrong with the temperature sensor, it will show "-E". Accordingly the infrared heater will stop working.
3. In the case that the heat is beyond the required level, this product is also able to instantly shut off.
4. If not heating, it can also be used as a bedside cupboard for people to put clothes, cups as well as other items.
5. Moreover, this infrared heating system is capable of consistently operating in a default state.

Technical Specifications
1. Power: 1500W (high), 750W (low)
Quartz Power: 375W/60V
MICA HEAT 1: 750W/120V
MICA HEAT 2: 375W/60V
2. Power Supply: 120V/ 60HZ
3. Temperature Range: 50F to 86F
4. Preset Time: 0.5 to 8 hours
5. Heating Area: 800 square feet
6. Product Dimension: (L) 41.2× (W) 37.5× (H) 40.2cm
7. Packing Dimension: (L) 45.9× (W) 43.2× (H) 47.7cm
8. N.W.: 31.9lbs
9.G.W.: 35.2lbs
10. 40'HQ Container: 650pcs

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